Pet Policy

We know pets are great companions, so we adopted a policy to make it possible for residents to have their pets here with them, provided the residents meet the conditions set forth in the policy.
The objectives of the Immanuel Gardens Pet Policy are to:
• Provide a pleasant atmosphere for both pet owners and non-pet owners
• Make clear a pet owner’s responsibilities and limitations
• Be firm, fair and consistent

Management has the sole discretion for approval and disapproval of any pet.
The pet owner may be requested to provide management with proof of pet’s good health. Dogs and cats must have a license and a copy will be kept on file. Proof of spaying or neutering may also be required. Pets should have tags with the resident’s name and address or apartment number. Costs incurred for all damages caused by a pet will be charged to the resident.
A non-refundable pet deposit of $500 is required at the time of lease signing. Residents are fully responsible for all damage done by their pets, even if the damage exceeds the pet deposit.

Pet Policy:

Maximum number: 1
Weight: Less than 35 lbs.
Must have all required vaccinations
Licensing is required
Spaying or neutering may be required

Maximum number: 2
Must have required vaccinations
Must be trained to a litter box
Declawing is required
Spaying or neutering may be required

Maximum number: 2
Must be maintained inside a cage

Maximum aquarium size: 20 gallons

Pet Rules:

• Residents must remove pet waste from grounds. Litter boxes shall be changed every two days and wasted sealed in plastic bags. DO NOT flush litter box waste in the toilet, it will cause permanent damage to the plumbing.
• Pet owners must agree to control pet noise so that it doesn’t constitute a nuisance
• No pet shall be left unattended for more than 12 hours.
• In the event of a Resident’s sudden illness or death, the resident pet owner agrees that Immanuel management shall have the discretion with respect to the provision of care for the pet. It is recommended that the resident provide management with information on who will be responsible for the pet in case of illness or death.
• Pets are not allowed in the dining area under any circumstances.
• Pet deposits are required and are subject to change at the discretion of management.
• Dogs and cats must be kept on a leash and under control of the resident at all times. Under no circumstances shall a cat or dog be allowed to roam free.

Management will request the removal of a pet from the premises under the following circumstances:
• If the pet continues to create a general nuisance after proper notification.
• Excessive pet noise, unruly or dangerous behavior, excessive damage to the apartment or the community, failure to provide adequate care, or failure to provide proof of appropriate vaccinations.