Non-Smoking Policy

Under the new Arizona Smoke Free Act, which took effect May 1, 2007, smoking is prohibited in lobbies, elevators, restrooms, reception areas, hallways and other common use areas in public and private buildings, condominiums, and other multiple-unit residential facilities.
Smoking is prohibited from within 20 feet of all business entrances.
A smoking policy and procedure has been implemented to promote resident safety and protect resident’s rights, willingness and dignity to comply with the facilities’ rules and regulations.

Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas only.
Upon admission, residents are informed of the smoking policy of Immanuel Campus of Care(ICC) by the admissions coordinator.

Smokers are allowed to smoke in designated areas. Smokers are not allowed to smoke in front of doorways of their apartments or balcony.

There are two designated smoking areas for assisted living residents:
• Picnic table outside, in front of the elevator located next to apartment 131
• The gazebo outside the manor lobby

Each resident who smokes is provided a degree of independence appropriate to his or her demonstrated ability to smoke safely and within the facility guidelines
• Failure of the resident to comply with the smoking rules will result in removal of smoking privileges
• Residents on oxygen are not permitted to smoke while oxygen is in use.
Smokers are not permitted to:
• Smoke in non-designated smoking areas
• Behave unsafely in any way with smoking materials
• Acquire of take smoking materials away from another resident
• Collect discarded smoking materials

Consequences for Noncompliance:
Your residency at ICC will be immediately terminated without exception