Medical & Mental Health in Peoria Arizona

Our Medical & Mental Health Units Include:

  • Clinical oversight and psychiatric services provided by a psychiatrist, & psychologist.

  • Full-time nurse program manager.

  • Full-time licensed professional counselor.Full-time dedicated behavioral health director and a social services director.

  • A full-time Life Enrichment activities staff member designated to each secured unit.

  • Registered Dietician.

  • Dedicated Security Team present.

  • Smoking accommodations.

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Canyon Suites is a Medical/Mental Health specialized unit designed in caring for those with neuro-cognitive disorders.  We provide specialized programs for residents with multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Huntington’s disease or conditions caused by hypoxia, traumatic brain injury, transient ischemic attacks, kidney disease, liver disease, hypercarbia, infections, intoxication, or withdrawal from/or long-term effects of excessive drug and alcohol use, or severe vitamin deficiency.

  •  Utilizes a secure unit & private rooms.

  • Residents exhibiting diagnosis consistent with Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, TBI, Parkinson’s Dementia, Alcohol induced Dementia, or other Medical/Neuro Cognitive diagnoses.


Our goal is to reduce the use of antipsychotic medications, reduce the frequency of behaviors, reduce psychiatric hospitalizations, and hospital re-admissions.  Our programs will provide support to families/caregivers while maintaining or improving memory and language skills with the use of physical, occupational, speech, and life enrichment therapy.


Our team of medical/mental heath professionals, including a Psychologist and Psychiatrist will develop Approach Plans with interventions and strategies designed to assist with the care of each individual resident.  Approach plans will be reviewed on a weekly basis and as necessary to provide daily individualized care.  All staff will have specialized training including Certified Dementia Practitioner training, CPI, approach planning and documentation training and verbal and non-verbal interaction training.  A Life Enrichment staff member will be trained in activities geared towards the cognitively impaired to provide daily activities, to keep residents engaged in purposeful and meaningful activities.

“High” Medical/Mental Health Programs Residents: Challenges that are disruptive to the care environment, but are a minimal disruption to other resident’s well-being.

Immanuel Campus of Care offers five High Medical/Mental Health units:

Garden Cove

Canyon Suites

Sunshine Square

Morning Star

Desert Cove

The programming is designated, with one high acuity unit designated for all males, and one for all females.

  • Utilizes a secure unit & semi-private rooms.

  • Medical/mental care for residents displaying moderate risk for danger to others, self-harm,and disruptive behavior related to psychosis, or other mental health diagnosis.

Photos of one of the High Medical/Mental Health Unit, and its outside break areas.

Targets challenges that are disruptive to the care environment, but are a minimal disruption to other resident’s well-being.

  • Utilizes secure units, semi-private rooms.

  • Medical/mental care for residents displaying low risk for danger to others, self-harm, and disruptive behavior related to psychosis, or other mental health diagnosis.

  • We strive to provide effective care so our residents care migrate back to society.

Targets behavioral challenges that are disruptive to resident care, but pose a minimal or no risk to other residents.

Step-down Unit:

Paradise Cove

  • Non-secure unit.

  • Semi-private rooms, residents are integrated into the non-behavioral Long-Term Care community.

  • For medical/mental challenged residents exhibiting low risk or historical risks for danger to others, or self-harm.

Food is an essential part of senior living facilities and here at Immanuel Campus of Care our philosophy is to offer well-balanced, healthy and flavorful foods. We understand that a delicious meal, socializing with friends, can be the highlight of our resident’s day. Our Culinary Team truly cares about our residents dining experience; whether they live in Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Memory Care or Independent Living.

Our residents take part in creating their menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they have a variety of delightful options to choose from. We also have a full time in-house Registered Dietician that works with our interdisciplinary team to tailor nutritional advice, interventions and follow-up assistance in navigating therapeutic diets, food allergies as well as cultural and religious preferences. At Immanuel we encourage resident preference to enhance quality of life within our continuum of care.

The Immanuel Behavioral Health Counseling Clinic provides various modalities behavioral health care, located at Immanuel Campus.

  • Behavioral Health Assessment

  • Individual Psychotherapy

  • Group Psychotherapy

  • Support Groups

  • Therapist-Supported Recreational Activity

  • Mercy Care Acute

  • Mercy Care Advantage

  • Mercy Care Long Term Care

  • United Health Care Community Plan

  • United Health Care Medicare Advantage

  • United Health Care Long Term Care

  • Banner University Family Care Acute

  • Banner University Family Care Medicare Advantage

  • Banner University Family Long Term Care

  • American Indian Health (AHCCCS)

  • United Health Care

  • AARP

  • Aetna

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Barbara Nielsen, Director of Finance

Rosa Deibel, Business Office Manager, ext. 1110

We process:

  • All billing and collections from insurances.

  • We also help manage peoples trust funds.

  • We handle all accounts receivable and accounts payable duties for Immanuel.


Medical/Mental Health Programs Events

Care Center residents enjoy a Hawaiian Day Luau Party! There was plenty of food, music, games, & prizes for everyone.