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How Much Does 24/7 Home Care Cost Per Month?

Home Care

Confronting the unpleasant task of increasing care for a loved one will be difficult. Many tough decisions and seemingly daunting choices come to the forefront. It will entail many factors for consideration and, inevitably, some genuine soul-searching. Remember that the ultimate goal revolves around the well-being of your elderly loved one. The best plan of attack should involve educating yourself as much as possible and familiarizing yourself with all possible options. 

Sometimes, your elderly loved one requires around-the-clock monitoring and care to ensure their safety and independence. The following article is a quick guide to the details and nuances of 24/7 home care. We hope this information below is beneficial and makes your search for care easier. 

Save Money By Going To 24/7 Care Versus Hourly?

The rate for 24/7 home care usually remains the same as standard-hour home care. In no instance should your rate increase. In fact, some agencies will provide a discount for a more significant contractual and predictable obligation, such as instances of 24/7 care. So, it is essential to check pricing and availability with each agency. Generally, home care is between $18 and $30, depending on the state and agency. You should also inquire if Medicare or your insurance will cover hours.

When Is It Time For Around The Clock Care

Often, regardless of the amount of love and the countless hours dedicated to attention, there will come a time when it is too much for the family to be able to provide consistent care. Time constraints and general life hinder the dedication of time and effort needed for a desired outcome. That’s where a reliable home care agency becomes valuable.

Home care Agencies prefer regular and expected hours. Families desire a predictable and consistent around-the-clock rotation of caregivers. 24/7 care is desirable because it provides a regular schedule of caregivers. Consequently, the care team will better understand the patient’s needs. 

You should consider 24/7 hour home care in the event of these situations:

  • Post-Op hospital care
  • Alzheimer’s, dementia, or some form of memory loss
  • Severe injury
  • Risk of wandering
  • Social isolation is affecting mental health

How To Choose A Home Care Agency

Several key questions to consider when researching 24/7 care? How many employees does the facility employ? Research the schedule regarding the time each can offer your loved one. Read the caregivers’ online profiles if available. Generally, determine how personable and friendly the staff is. Are there any schedule gaps, especially at night holidays or off hours? 

The better the home care agency’s credentials, the more likely you will be satisfied with their care. It is crucial to do your research. Reviews and personnel profiles will add to the visibility of your decision. Be sure to check Google reviews and read a minimum of five of the most recent reviews. 

Does Medicare Cover Home Care?

Medicare covers up to 25-30 hours, depending on the state. However, getting Medicare’s approval is difficult, requiring proof of less than approximately $50,000 in assets. Medicare does not cover non-medical home care in Arizona; it only covers situations requiring medical services. 

When Is It Time For Senior Living Instead Of Home Care?

Moving a loved one to a full-time senior living community is always a big decision. Often, there will be pushback against such a change in the senior’s life, as they are used to being in the comfort of their home. When deciding to make the switch to senior living, consider these factors:

  • Has 24/7 care become a financial burden? 
  • Are there increasing problems arising with memory loss? 
  • Did an unfortunate fall or other severe injury occur? 

Additionally, senior living communities provide positive social interactions for seniors. Improved mental clarity and sharpness result from higher volumes of positive interactions. Their sense of purpose grows, and a more substantial support situation is established through the community.  


It is often a difficult decision to enroll a loved one in 24/7 care. With that said, the need for extra help is apparent during situations when your elderly loved one’s health and well-being are at risk. We hope the above information will help you to make this difficult decision a little easier. 

If you are looking for a senior living in Phoenix, please contact Immanuel Campus of Care to schedule a tour of our wonderful community. We are looking forward to meeting you!